Radiohead= Awesome Music



I just want to say Radiohead is an amazing band. Thom Yorke has the voice of an angel. Their lush musical overlays and ethereal vocals makes it so comforting like soup on a cold day. Every one says OK Computer is their favorite album but mine is the Bends. It’s nineties rock at its finest. No Nirvana-rip-off album. It’s an intelligent album with rollicking guitar. It took me a while to truly appreciate them and now I am glad I do.

Do you like Radiohead? What’s your favorite album by them?



Please listen to this if you get a chance:



On a site called Rate Your Music, I have some reviews with the username NewBeginning. I reviewed Radiohead’s King of Limbs.


God’s Sovereignty


You think you have a lot to juggle
Don’t forget God’s provision can come in the form of a struggle
It isn’t always the devil made me do it
God knows the pain makes you stronger
With God’s grace you’ll get through it

Leaves move and twist
In the wind as the fall
God created darkness and light
Yes, the devil can be a factor
But God is staging the show
While you are the actor

Sometimes you sin
Allowing other forces in
But sometimes in the midst of the pain
God is teaching to bruise your knee
So you can appreciate every sprint and sprain

Every broken relationship
Brings us to examine ourselves
How can I change?
And change brings growth
And growth over time, brings contentment
And without happiness you can’t have hope

Every dying family member
Chills your bones like December
But it makes you long for God’s kingdom
Where the saints will reign forever
Your heart beats every beat with hope until Jesus will come

(C) Carly Wiggins 2017

We See Dimly (For Now…)


For we only see dimly in the mirror
Then we shall see face to face
Now I know fully; then I shall know fully
Even as I am fully known
My only aim to finish the race…
The task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace

This mirror is dirty
The dirt is caked on there like mud
I try changing my looks to the gregarious next model but my heart is an old porcelain doll
Will I ever attract the next stud?
I won’t if my heart keeps going thud thud thud

This life is so short
The things we chase after
We are lovers of ourselves, money, disobedient to parents
We consider nothing sacred in every chapter
Where’s the love we should capture?

I will tell you this: blessed is the man who preserveres under trial
No matter your temptations are, whose number will you dial?
My days are like the evening shadow; I wither away like grass
You know our days are like a time bomb in a hourglass
Without Christ, are days are too delicate and vile

(C) Carly Wiggins 2017

In the comments below, I will include the Scripture references.

Misunderstood Figures of Speech (A Bowl in a China Shop)





There are many figures of figures of speeches whose meanings get misunderstood or they are spoken incorrectly. I am the queen of saying figures of speeches wrongly. Lol! I know the meaning of the idiom and say the gist of it right but I still say it wrongly. Lol!

Here are some examples:

1. The real figure of speech: “It’s like beating a dead horse.”

What I said, “It’s like beating a cow dead.”

My lousy explanation to justify why I said it that way (lol): I forgot what farm animal it was, so I threw in cow and I forgot the word dead, so I threw it in there after cow. Lol!

2. The real figure of speech: “It’s like killing two birds with one stone.”

What I said, “It’s like killing one bird with two stones.”

My loud you explanation to justify why I said it that way: I put one before two.

I think these are funny but I don’t want any animals hurt. Why do we have such cruel language towards animals? 😕 I am just curious.

Another one said by a family member of mine:

3. The real figure of speech: “It’s like a bull in a china shop.”

What she said: “It’s like a bowl in a china shop.”

Why she said it: When she was little she thought it meant you belong like a bowl in porcelain ware (china) shop. Cute, huh? 😀

Have you ever messed up a figure of speech? What did you say?

Phantom Limb (You Got to Help Yourself)


You got to help yourself
Someone can offer a tree limb
But you reach out with your phantom limb
You got to help yourself

You are on desert island
But your brain is a desert island
You can release the help flare
But you choose to sit and pout
You got to help yourself

You ask questions
But your life is filled with answers
But you don’t believe any one of them
You got to help yourself

People come and go out of your life
More will come and go
Telling you the same thing
You got to help yourself

It’s time to grow courage
Let go of regret, guilt and pain of your past
Because it’s all a part of your past
It’s time to grow a new arm limb
You got to help yourself

(C) Carly Wiggins 2017

100 Followers, Thank You All and “God Bless Us, Every One!” (Gotta Love Tiny Tim!)


Seriously though,  thank you for following Message In Stanza (A Real Message For A Broken World). I feel completely honored. I have only been doing this a little over a year now and I am grateful for this poetry/writing community and their warm reception towards me. 😀

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I Hope I Am Enough Today


I have dealt with a lot of self modification
I have used it to a T out of desperation
I know I have made mistakes
I know I want to learn from them because my heart aches
But I also know the devil is around telling me
I am not enough and I am no longer free

But I hope to know I am enough today
So I can be myself, hooray!!

You tell me not to do this or that
If you eat too much sugar, you’ll be fat
Don’t wash your hands 4 times in a row
You need to learn to go more with the flow
I know

But I hope I am enough today
So I can be myself, hooray!!

I am not trying to cause a riot
Or going after the next easy-way-out diet
Or reading the next self help book that you say, “You should try it”
I am just trying to get over these dark emotions
By trying to fight it

But I hope I am enough today
So I can be myself, hooray!!
And maybe you can too…

(C) Carly Wiggins 2017



What Are We Climbing For?


We always climb to make it to the top of the mountain

But what if we climb to build endurance?

Because what if the endurance makes the mountain-top view more meaningful?

We also try to gain some sort of substance and depth from what we think we need

We go after the right relationships and updating our social media statuses just right

But what do we really want from connecting with another human?

Peace? Meaning? Hope? If we don’t find within ourselves first, we will never fully connect


We go into our corporate offices 9 to 5

Answering to our bosses and co-workers

Do you love the money because it helps make an income?

Or does the money love you?

Do you earn a living to find Peace? Meaning? Hope?

If we aren’t happy with the struggle we won’t be happy with the riches and the material blessings


We will continue to climb

But what are we climbing for?

That’s what you have to ask yourself

© Carly Wiggins 2017





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