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To believe and have faith In the invisible beings A risky gamble in the eyes of some Awaiting a moment of proof Of magic, miracle or fantasy No concrete to hold on to Whimsical facts and illusions Like the fairytales of childhood And yet we hold the unscientific For our eyes are open to synchronicity […]

via Invisible Beings — Debbie Gravett

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Revealed In Christ


I find it a challenge to stay intact

When you are the Devil’s puppet show act

We are a slave to sin

When everything feels so foreign


But Your word says

Our old self’s have died

When You were crucified

On Calvary’s countryside


Romans say by Your grace we find redemption

Free from the sin from our conception

We should boldly come to Your throne of grace

We should pray for our needs and each other

Because You already make supplication for the

human race


I pray to You, Lord, You are good

We desperately cry out to You

To make us anew

From the fall of mankind

With Your stripes we are healed

And a new human nature is revealed


Then I think about the Devil

Pulling on the puppet strings

Telling me not to listen to the King of Kings

But I remind myself

I don’t have condemnation

Now that calls for a celebration

My heavenly fate is sealed

Because a new human nature is revealed

Revealed in Christ

(C) Carly Wiggins 2016

Disgraceful Swan


I was one of many swans
In a spacious pond

Every swan was social and peaceful
They rode the waters with such ease
As they rode they felt an adventurous pull

Every where they went they were seekers
Seekers of food, shade or a scenic swim
Or they gathered around older swans like they were teachers

But not I
I can’t lie

I would scramble for food and push others away
It would ruffle their feathers
But I was a famished swan by day

And at night I would wake up lot of the swans with a yelp
It would ruffle their feathers
But a night it was my cry for help

I felt so utterly alone
Like my heart was made of stone

They thought I was greedy
But deep inside I knew the truth
I was just desperately needy

From dusk to dawn
I have learned the hard way
I will always just be a disgraceful swan

(C) Carly Wiggins 2017

Photo credit: Roeselien Ramond


Galactic Tour of the Universe (Including Heaven)


It’s a chilling suspense

We are truly blessed

To live in this beautiful universe of ours

Filled with glorious planets and stars

And like miniature galaxies spread throughout the universe

All thrusting towards its course

We may be alone

I find that hard to believe

But this wonder of life sets a  curious tone

Follow me now on this galactic tour

We will first go to Saturn

To its icy ring so liquid pure

It’s ring is so paper thin

It’s width looks like that of a pin

Now we will venture to the dwarf planet Pluto

Its icy surface with some metal make an interesting duo

It’s made up of nitrogen, methane, and carbon monoxide

It almost had elements suitable for life, but didn’t, is the downside

But we will find another forms of existence

If not in this galaxy

In the heavens that are in the distance

Angels so benevolent

Dancing like they are heaven sent

Or earthly-type creatures living in paradise

You may think I am living in the future

But heaven, one day, will be right before our eyes

A true galactic tour, not just a Biblical rumor

(C) Carly Wiggins 2016

Outstretched Hand

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Here is the photo they provided:

outstreched hand

photo by Bryan Minear via Unsplash

I have an outstretched hand

Against the purplish pink marble sky

In deep surrender to my reliable Creator

Life is a Miracle


Developing in a tight cocoon

While your mother’s belly is a balloon

You came into this loud and busy world

You were created by a single cell

This is the start of a life for you to excel

You only have one life

Life is a miracle


Businesses fall and crumble

People fall down and stumble

Life seems up to chance

Like a freestyle dance

But is it, really?


The way the DNA strands fixes itself

It does this on its own without any help

The way the brain develops early

It sends signals to the spine

By a month the mother already see’s the signs

How can it all be up to chance?

Life is a miracle

(C) Carly Wiggins 2016